Pixie Dust (Mineral Paint Additive)


Make everyday flat latex paint into an amazing chalk & clay paint. Our paint powder is made of several minerals such as calcium, chalk, limestone, and clay. Our product is 100% natural and even edible! Pixie Dust is the only Chalk Paint Powder on the market that is a blend of chalk & clay providing that ultra lux velvet finish!   Pixie Dust Chalk & Clay Paint Powder was designed for the DIY'er! It's perfect for someone who loves to take something old and make it new again or take something new and make it look old. The choice is yours! 

This bag is enough to make 2 quarts of the best chalk paint you can make. Any flat latex paint, and color, any size (a cup, a pint, a quart, or get 2 bags and make a gallon).

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If you are a visual person, we have a video on how to use Pixie Dust Mineral Powder and Liquid Pixie, just Click here!!!!!!!  ENJOY!!!


What kind of paint should I use with?

Pixie Dust Chalky Paint Powder™ or with Liquid Pixie™

The type of paint you use is really up to you.  Pixie Dust products are designed for the DIY painter, who probably already has an inventory of sample jars or several quarts just waiting to be used.  We recommend using a flat paint, as it's easier to distress and provides a consistent matte finish.  However, we do realize that most samples come in eggshell or satin finish and Liquid Pixie™ was designed to accommodate these fun little jars of paint.  If you prefer the powder, just use a little extra in your mix to make the paint easier to work with and distress. 


There are many different brands of paints on the market today and all paints have a purpose.  However, some paints are clearly more toxic than others.  When it comes to painting furniture, we always suggest using a ZERO VOC paint since most of the time the painting is being done indoors. 


Here is a listing of paints that Pixie Dust recommends:

Recommended Paint Options

(est. price is per quart)

Sherwin Williams “Color to Go” $7

(Keep in mind that this paint has been stripped of its bonding agents and contains VOC’s, however with the addition of Pixie Dust, it’s a very low cost option)

 Olympic ASSURE (formally called ICON) (Zero VOC) $10 (Lowes)

 Valspar Ultra (Zero Voc) $12 (Lowes)

 Behr Premium Plus (Zero VOC) $12 (Home Depot)

 Clark & Kensington (Low Zoc) $14 (ACE)

 Ecos Paints $25 (All Natural VOC and LATEX free)

(order online ecospaints.com)


*Pixie Dust doesn’t recommend using the Paint Powder with powder base all natural paints.  However Liquid Pixie™ would be a nice addition to cut any shine the paint may have.  Generally, it’s not necessary to create a chalk like paint from a paint that is in a powder form such as milk, earth, or clay based paints as they already provide a matte finish that can be distressed.


LATEX v.s. NATURAL Paints?

 This is 100% a personal choice.  Here at Pixie Dust we are a big fan of Latex paints due to the durability and consistency of the paint.  With big brand latex options you are always going to get the same product.  Unfortunately, with natural products, that’s not always the case.  As natural paints sit, they settle, and with paint settlement comes issues with hardening and drying out.  They often require the use of water to thin out as well and anytime you add water to a product you can have issues with molding.  There are times when we HIGHLY recommend using an all-Natural/Non-Toxic paint such as ECOS PAINTS especially when it comes to painting anything that a baby or child might put their mouths on (cribs, cradles, etc.).


Pixie Dust Mineral Paint Powder™ User Tips:

The clay part of the powder will sink to the bottom of the bag, so make sure you give the bag a little roll to get it mixed up.  We recommend to only mix a pint of paint at a time, however you can make a cup, pint, quart, or whatever your project requires.  Obviously the bigger the project the more paint you need!

To make a Pint: Add 1/4c. Of pixie dust chalky powder and 3-4 tablespoons of water to a jar or container that has an air tight lid (mason jars work well) and shake…shake…shake.  Why only a pint at a time?  If you have used chalk paints before you know a little goes a long way.  So if you mix too much and it sits on the shelf for several months there is a chance it won’t be useable (depending on how you store your paint)! So start with a pint and go from there.


Liquid Pixie™ Mineral Paint Additive User Tips:

This product is super easy to use and 100% non-toxic.  Liquid Pixie will settle during shipping and storage.  It’s VERY important to shake the bottle until you feel like the contents have rejoined each other. While we don’t advise freezing Liquid Pixie™, it can sustain a freeze and upon thawing out will be ready to use after a good minute or two of shaking.  

Liquid Pixie™ can be mixed with both flat and eggshell/satin paint finishes.  It can also be added directly to the paint can or jar itself.  To Store Liquid Pixie™:  Make sure lid is snapped closed and it tight!!! Store laying the bottle on its side.  This will keep the contents from completely separating and making it easier to shake when ready to use. 


Directions:  Add desired amount of Liquid Pixie™ to paint and shake or stir until fully mixed. Liquid Pixie will NOT change or lighten the color of your paint.  While Liquid Pixie™ may appear to be white in color it’s actually a translucent liquid that contains no colorants or dyes. 


*TIP:  If you have opened and used your paint directly from the can/jar you can extend the life of ANY paint by transferring it to a glass jar (Mason jar).  These air tight jars are a paint saver!  Make sure you label the top of the paint with the paint color code and date!  You should be able to get 2-3 years out of the paint with this storage method.  Also dipping your brush into the paint can/jar to reload your brush can cause contamination to your paint.  Solo cups work well in transferring paint for a project without causing contaminates to get in your paint!