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1) Your child will be photographed during this event, which may be used for marketing or promotional material. Your child's name or personal information will not be released. 2) The Turquoise Top Hat LLC is not responsible for injury, damages, or property loss that occur during this event. 3) Children/teens are expected to treat adults and other painters with kindness and respect during the class. If your child is having a hard time listening or following directions in a cooperative manner, they will be asked to remain in our waiting room with an instructor until the end of the event. Refunds will not be issued for children who are unable to finish their sign. 4) Children are expected to use the materials properly, as demonstrated by instructors during the event. Children who cause damage to our facilities will a) be removed from the painting area and b) asked to picked up by a parent or guardian. 5) Children are not permitted in our retail area without being accompanied by an adult. Any items that are damaged due to a lack of supervision will need to be purchased at regular price.