Take your furniture from DRAB to FAB!


Learn the basics of prepping, painting, and finishing furniture during one of our DIY workshops!

We've all passed by some perfectly good furniture at the side of the road, during a garage sale, and for the brave at heart, maybe even in a dumpster! With a little vision and a little paint, almost anything can be transformed into a beautiful new piece of home decor! Our 4-hour furniture workshops are designed to help you take an entire piece from start to finish to learn the basics steps of refinishing furniture, whether it be painted, stained, or unfinished wood! 


  • 4 hours of instruction from one of our seasoned painters, including trouble-shooting and tips/tricks for more advanced projects
  • Over $75 worth of Pixie Dust products for making DIY chalk-like paint!
  • Access to over 20 different colors and tutorials on how to layer/blend/mix custom colors
  • Demonstrations on making DIY chalk-like paint with Pixie Dust!
  • Access to a private Facebook group for 24/7 support from other "graduates" of our workshops!
  • Lunch and beverages provided!
  • 10% discount on any boutique, paint, or Pixie Dust purchases!

We'll send you an email with directions on how to prep your piece before bringing it to the class! If you can carry it by yourself, you can paint it during the workshop!

Questions about our workshops? Email us at info@turquoisetophat.com for more details. 

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Furniture Workshop
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Don't break the bank on expensive paint!


Turn any* paint into mineral paint!

With the help of Pixie Dust paint additives, you can create your own chalk-like paint for a fraction of the cost of name brands! Pixie Dust and Liquid Pixie are designed to be mixed into any *flat or satin paint, including those sample jars from the local hardware store! Making your own paint is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Measure out your Pixie Dust (according to the easy to follow directions)

2) Mix with water (if using dust version)

3) Stir and pour into paint! 

Shake up your paint and you're ready to tackle your project? Did we mention that ALL Pixie Dust products are all-natural, food grade additives that are safe to use?