Check out some of these frequently asked questions and answers. Still not finding what you're looking for? Drop us a message below and we'll get back to you shortly!


Q: I’d like to host an event. How do I set this up?

A: Awesome! You can head over to our “HOST ” page to choose your desired date and time for your event. We’ll email you with a confirmation once your info is submitted. Don't forget, the hostess get's HALF OFF their project! 

*Please be advised that we require a $50 deposit to hold the designated date for your event. Your deposit will be refunded on the day of the event OR you can apply it towards your sign registration fee. You MUST place a security deposit to claim a date! Our workshop dates are first come, first serve!


Q: Is there a minimum number of guests required?

A: We require a minimum of 6 guests (friends, family, your dentist, barista, WHOEVER!) to hold your event in our studio. The minimum must be met at least 72 hours before the start time of the event. If you are not able to secure 6 guests (including the hostess), your event will be canceled and your deposit will not be refunded. Any guests who had registered will be refunded. You may choose to reschedule for a new date and time, which will require an additional deposit of $50.


Q: Can I host an event in my home?

A: Yes; we offer home events on a very limited basis. The minimum for home events is 15 guests (including the hostess). Home events are scheduled for 3 hours at a time. If your event runs longer than 4 hours, the security deposit for the event will not be refunded. It is the hostess' responsibility to ensure guests continue working throughout the event (the instructor will keep the directions flowing). 


Q: What if I don’t have the space to host an event in my home?

A: No worries! You can choose to have your event at a friend/family member’s home, at a public venue (such as Lazy Ballerina Winery), OR in our super awesome workshop in Stevensville! We require a minimum of 6 guests to hold an event in our workshop.


Q: What do I have to provide when I host in my own/a friend’s home?

A: All you need to provide is the tables, chairs, and any desired food and beverages. We’ll bring ALL the rest, including table coverings!


Q: How do people sign up for my event?

A: Once your deposit has been paid and your date has been determined, you will be added to our registration page. Guests will visit the link, choose their project, and choose you as a hostess. Since our stencils are made to order, all guests must register online or in person at our workshop before the event; we do not accept payment during the event. Payment can also be taken over the phone for an additional $3 service charge. If a guest arrives to the event and has not registered for a sign, they will be shown a choice of generic options to create (we cannot accommodate stencil requests during an event). 


Q: What if someone cancels or can’t attend?

A: Because our stencils are made to order, Sandpaper Social registration fees are nonrefundable. If a guest is unable to attend, they are welcome to a) send someone in their place or b) have someone at the event make their sign. Our stencils are made to order and have a shelf life once they are cut, so if someone does not show up or is unable to attend and we have already cut their stencil, it gets discarded. 

*If a guest notifies us more than 48 hours before the event that they will not be able to attend, they may have the option to transfer their registration fee to another upcoming event. This does not apply to "no shows."


Q: What if one of my guests doesn't have a computer/internet to register? 

A: We prefer for all registrations to take place on our website so that your guest list is created accurately. You are more than welcome to register for other guests on your own account! We can also process online registrations right in our retail space for guests without internet access. 



Q: I got invited to a private Sandpaper Social. How do I sign up?

A: To sign up for a private event, click on the "PROJECT GALLERY" page to choose your sign! Add your favorite design to the cart, then select the host(ess) whose event you'll be attending on the form. Once your payment has been processed, you're all set! 


Q: I have a favorite quote/saying. Can I make a sign with this?

A: We do conditionally take custom stencil orders for our signs. Customization fee is $15 on top of the size of the sign and is subject to approval by our designer. To inquire about a custom design, please email us at


Q: Do I have to be artistic to attend?

A: Heck no! Our Sandpaper Socials are designed to allow EVERYONE (even those who think they aren't creative) to make something beautiful! With easy to follow instructions and the use of stencils (instead of free handing or applying stickers) YOU can create a piece of unique home decor! 


Q: Can I choose my own colors for my sign?

A: Yes! You’ll be able to choose ALL of your colors on the night of the event. Your letters will be painted on your sign, so there’s no need to choose a color in advance. We have over 20 different colors to choose from, as well as seasonal colors!


Q: Why do I have to register in advance? Can I just show up and choose my sign?

A: Your stencil is made to order; by registering in advance, we know which sign you’d like to make. If you are choosing a custom sign or one with your family name, we’ll need all of that information ahead of time in order to make your one-of-a-kind stencil. We cannot accommodate stencil  requests during an event. 


Q: What if I can’t attend on the night of the event?

A: Sandpaper Social registration fees are nonrefundable. If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to a) send someone in your place or b) have someone at the event make your sign. Our stencils are made to order and have a shelf life once they are cut, so if someone does not show up or is unable to attend and we have already cut their stencil, it gets discarded. 


Q: Can I make more than one sign at an event?

A: We advise our guests to refrain from making more than one sign, especially if this is your first time attending. The most important part of the event is listening to the directions; with two projects you’ll be doing twice as much painting and will have very limited time for breaks. You’re more than welcome to bring a friend or family member to paint your second sign! Any unfinished additional projects at the end of the class will need to be taken home to be finished. 


Q: Can I bring food and drinks to an event? 

A: Absolutely! We also offer light snacks, pop and bottled water during the workshop. Some of our special events feature light appetizers and alcoholic beverages (if advertised). There are also some great restaurants nearby that will deliver to our workshop!


Q: Where are you located?

A: You can visit us (workshop and boutique) at 5705 Red Arrow Highway in Stevensville MI next to Postal Connections. Check out our hours at the bottom of the page. If you have a question or would like to place a paint order, you can contact us at


Q: What kind of paint do you use in your workshops?

A: We make our own chalky paint using Pixie Dust Paint Additives. Pixie Dust products are all natural and cost effective for making your own chalk paint at home! To view our line of products, click "Shop Now!" from the menu above. 


Q: Do you provide custom signs/commissioned furniture work?

A: At this time we are not offering custom signs or furniture for clients. If you are interested in learning how to paint a sign, please join us at one of our upcoming Sandpaper Socials. If you are interested in learning how to paint furniture, please join us for one of our upcoming Flip Your Furniture Workshops.