Interested in purchasing a custom design for your upcoming project?

Please complete the form below and be sure to read our information regarding custom designs. Please see our FAQ at the bottom of the page regarding custom designs.

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NOTE: Custom designs for public/private events CANNOT be created less than two weeks out. If your event is occurring within two weeks, please choose a different sign option.
Please enter pertinent information regarding your design. If you have a sample image to send us, see the info below. You MUST include some kind of preference for our designers to be able to start your preliminary designs.
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What does the design process include?

You will receive two preliminary mockups of your design with the ability to make two edits to your selected design. Additional edits are $5 each. We deem an edit any time we need to open the file to make a change.

I have a coupon code. Can I use this on my design?

Coupon codes, discounts, and gift certificates may not be used on custom design fees.

Can I choose my own fonts and images?

Yes, please send us any inspirational photos or fonts that you’d like to use as the basis for your design.

Can I use a favorite song lyric or character in my design?

Due to copyright infringement, we cannot create designs with any logos, names, quotes, or characters (especially Disney or Marvel Studios) in our designs.

I saw a sign I loved on Etsy/Pinterest! Can I recreate this sign?

Copying a design from Pinterest is considered copyright infringement, so we encourage you to reach out to that seller (on Etsy as well) to purchase their item! We cannot copy designs, but can make things from scratch.

Can I buy just a stencil of my design?

Yes, vinyl stencils and decals are $8/square foot of vinyl (min. $8).

Can I have a copy of my design to use in my Cricut?

Yes, be sure to request an SVG file if needed. Please note that we reserve the ownership rights to the design and may use the design in our gallery in the future (or sell on our Etsy page).