Let's get CRAFTY!

Cricut Lessons with The Turquoise Top Hat

"I have a Cricut, but it's still in the box..."

"I wish I knew how to use one of those!"

"I want to craft, but I'm afraid I'll mess up!"

Have you ever said these things? I know I have! We live in a DIY world these days, but most of us don't fully embrace our creativity. We have Pinterest boards full of projects that we never make, closets full of supplies that we never use, and craft machines that never get taken out of the box. Let's change that!


Let's take away the crafting fear by investing in our creativity! 


Looking for online Cricut lessons? Click here!


Do you own a Cricut and wish you knew how to use it? I can help!

One of the main aspects of my business is creating unique and fun vinyl stencils with my Cricut. I use this machine EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I've owned several models over the years and have used them to create TONS of awesome things, including New Year's Eve banners, personalized Valentine's Day cards for my husband, and HUNDREDS of vinyl stencils for our Sandpaper Socials. The success of my business depends on my ability to create things with my Cricut. Can you imagine if I never took that first machine out of the box? Who knows where I'd be today, or if I'd even have become a small business owner! Let me show you the ropes during a fun and stress-free lesson! I'll come to YOU or you come to me and we'll get crafty! Your craftiness is about to go WAY UP!



By signing up for our $69 Creative Coaching Package, you'll get...

  • One-on-one individualized instruction from Taylor, owner of The Turquoise Top Hat!

  • Knowledge of ALL the functions of your machine, no matter what model you have!

  • 24/7 access to support from Taylor (NOT a stranger) and other members of our coaching community in a private Facebook group

  • Resources for purchasing craft items, including vinyl, designs, fonts and more! 

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